Film to DVD Transfer

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Transferring your film can be a difficult process. In addition to buying all the equipment, the process itself takes a lot of time. Atlanta Media Conversion is a better alternative because we can do the process efficiently & inexpensively. Contact us to see how we can help.

8mm Film Transfer Pricing

Pick a size. All reels are priced at $0.20 per foot of film. The chart below shows the average footage of film depending on the size of the reel.

Reel Size                     Disc Base Price                    

3 inch-   50 ft                            $12*

4 inch-100 ft.                            $20

5 inch-200 ft.                            $40

6 inch-300 ft.                            $60

7 inch-400 ft.                            $80

*All 3 inch reels are charged minimum of 50ft of footage.

Pick a package. All film transfer orders are offered as a basic package.

Basic - plain disc with case (label on case)

  • FREE

Intermediate - Labeled disc & case

  • $2.00

Premium - Customized labeled disc & case

  • $4.00