Digital Slideshows and Presentations

Ever had a vacation you wish you could relive? What about a special event that deserves more attention than just being stored on a hard-drive? What better way is there to commemorate special moments & relive special memories than to spice them up in a digital slideshow? From memorial tributes to lost loved ones to vacation slideshows, Atlanta Media Conversion can save your memories while you keep more cash in your pocket! Peace of mind.

Our Services*

Choose a production cost...

  • Up to 50 photos/slides
  • 2 songs
  • Labeled disc                          

  • 100-150 photos/slides
  • 3 songs
  • Labeled disc

  • 150+ photos/slides
  • 4 or more songs
  • Labeled disc with choice of graphics

*For duplicates of your presentation, see our duplications page.